The Committee for Ethnic Affairs advises the Montgomery County, MD County Executive and County Council on public policy that relates to ethnic affairs; promotes maximum involvement of all ethnic groups in the County in government, business and community affairs.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CEA Monthly Meetings Update: February Meeting

The Montgomery County Committee for Ethnic Affairs met on February 3, 2011.  Usual things were accomplished, like the approval of minutes and the subcommittee reports.  The World of Montgomery Subcommittee had a lot to report; everyone is getting really excited for the World of Montgomery Day in October.  Let's hope the weather holds out!  The Sister City project is going well, and the County is planning another visit to Morazan, El Salvador in July.  Everyone will pay their own way, but last year, there were sponsor families so hotel costs were not an issue. The Communications Subcommittee is working closely with Montgomery County Media (MCM), who has re-branded itself around the diversity in our County.  It will be a nice opportunity to showcase some of our projects and communities, and the CEA will be helping to solicit ideas for programming, so if anyone has an ideas, post them here and we'll make sure the MCM gets them!
There was some sad news for us (good for the County)--Lisa Austin, our main support person from the Office of Community Partnerships was promoted to another job. Good luck Lisa!  We will surely miss you!  Another announcement came from the Officer's Meeting that was held in January.  Our Vice Chair, was promoted at her job and will no longer be able to fulfill the duties of the committee.  We are thankful for her service, and wish her best of luck. Jeff Lynch has stepped up to the plate and will take over the Vice Chair responsibilities and Pat Lesnick will take over Jeff's old position as member-at-large. Thank you so much Jeff and Pat! 

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