The Committee for Ethnic Affairs advises the Montgomery County, MD County Executive and County Council on public policy that relates to ethnic affairs; promotes maximum involvement of all ethnic groups in the County in government, business and community affairs.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Literary Contest for Students

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Committee

Announces Literary Contest for Students

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Commemorative Committee is seeking entries for its literary arts contest in observance of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The writing contest is open to all elementary, middle and high schools students in MontgomeryCounty. Entries must be 150 words, or less, in poetry or essay format. Entries will be judged on understanding and appreciation of the ideals of Dr. King; clarity and originality of expression; and adherence to the 2013 theme, “HIS dream…iAct…WE change!”

The deadline for submitting entries is Friday, December 14. Participating schools should submit a maximum of three entries per school to the MLK Essay Contest, c/o Montgomery County Office of Human Rights, 21 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850.

The top two winners from all entries will be invited to read their essays and receive an award presented by the County Executive and The Gazette Newspapers as part of the County-wide MLK celebration on Sunday, January 20, 2013, at 3 p.m. at the Music Centerat Strathmore.

For more information, contact James Stowe, director of the County’s Office of Human Rights, at 240-777-8491 or email

Montgomery County's Winter Guide for Recreation and Parks Programs Now Available

Montgomery County’s Winter Guide for Recreation and Parks Programs

Now Available

The winter issue of the Montgomery County Guide for Recreation and Parks Programs is now available. Recreation began accepting registrations for its winter programs and classes on Monday, November 12. Registration for swim lessons opens on December 12. Residents are encouraged to register early as many programs fill up quickly.

This issue of the Winter Guide features hundreds of programs and activities for all ages, interests and abilities that will help keep residents active during the winter months. Some of the offerings include classes in creative and visual arts, fitness and cooking. Seniors, age 55 and older, can enroll in the affordable Senior Sneakers program and participate in senior trip and tour programs.

Registration is offered in one of four ways: online, by mail, fax, or in person at the Montgomery County Recreation Administrative Offices located at 4010 Randolph Road,Silver Spring.

Print copies of the Guide are available at recreation centers, park facilities, government buildings and libraries. Residents who prefer receiving the Guide in the mail can pay an annual subscription fee of $5 and receive a full year of five issues (Summer, Fall, Winter, Summer Camps and Spring). To view the Guide online, or to sign up for a subscription, go to

For more information, call 240-777-6840.

Kris Kringle Visits Arts Barn with Miracle on 34th Street

Kris Kringle Visits Arts Barn with Miracle on 34th Street

In partnership with Montgomery Playhouse, the Arts Barn presents Miracle on 34th Street, performed as a live radio broadcast based on the classic holiday movie. The show runs November 30 through December 16, 2012, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. A special Sunday matinee will take place on December 16 at 2 p.m. Admission is $16, $14 for City residents, and $9 for students through grade 12.

Kris Kringle, a department store Santa at Macy’s, insists he is the real Santa Claus. His claim is taken to court where one little girl's belief could make all the difference. Harking back to the golden days of radio, Miracle on 34th Streetis performed as a live radio program in front of a studio audience, complete with vintage commercials.

The Arts Barn, Gaithersburg’s premier cultural arts facility, is located at 311 Kent Square Road, Gaithersburg. For more information and tickets call 301-258-6394 or visit online at

Marilyn J. Praisner Library to Host Holiday Concert by NIH Chamber Singers

Marilyn J. Praisner Library to Host Holiday Concert by NIH Chamber Singers

The NIH Chamber Singers will present a free concert of “Holiday Music from Around the World” on Saturday, December 8, at 3 p.m., at the Marilyn J. Praisner Library, 14910 Old Columbia Pike in Burtonsville.

The 15-member group, directed by Dwight Brock, will welcome the holiday season with music from a variety of time periods and many countries. The program will include sacred and secular pieces, ranging from somber to celebratory, classical to jazz.

For further information, call 240-773-9460

"Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet" Film Screening and Discussion

"Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet” Film Screening and Discussion.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
6:00pm- 8:30pm
Montgomery College's Germantown Campus, Globe Hall
Inside MC:
A Copy of the flier is attached

A panel discussion with a representative from Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights (KARAMAH) will follow the film screening will follow the film screening.

Montgomery College’s own Rev. Donald Marbury, Germantown Campus faculty, was a consultant on this documentary.

Prophet Muhammad honored By US Supreme Court in 1935 as a source of law and justice alongside Moses, Solomon, and Confucius. He is depicted in the Courtroom Frieze among the great law-givers of mankind

It is a lively, thorough, and revealing portrait of Muhammad, the man and the Prophet. It takes viewers not only to the world of 7th century Arabia to examine the life and history of the man whom Muslims consider to be the last prophet, but also looks into the homes, mosques, and workplaces of some of America's seven million Muslims to discover the many ways in which Muslims today continue to follow Muhammad's example. Especially relevant in a post 9-11 world, this film shows a side of Islam and Muslims that is rarely encountered on the television or movie screen.

“Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet” is a PBS documentary film about the life of Islamic prophet Muhammad based on historical records and on the stories of living American Muslims. The film was produced in 2002 by Alex Kronemer and Michael Wolfe.

Here are a few highlights about what newspapers are saying about the film...

The Los Angeles Times called the film "a candid, thoughtful, flowing, visually stunning film," which was "as timely as documentaries get."

The Washington Post wrote that the film couldn't be more important at a time when "Islam is under attack from within, by fanatics who distort its teachings, and from without, by those seeking a scapegoat for violent hot spots around the world."

Words that remain relevant today. Above all, as the Catholic News Service commented, "though this biography offers viewers fresh insights into the spiritual foundations of Islam, what proves even more rewarding is the program's introduction to Americans who are faithful Muslims."

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

During Holidays and Beyond; Sign Up for Electronic Holiday Collection Schedule Reminders

Montgomery County residents are reminded that they can help the County reach its new goal to reduce waste and recycle 70 percent of the waste stream by 2020 by reducing the amount of waste they individually generate and recycling everything possible, starting with the upcoming holiday season.

The Montgomery County Division of Solid Waste Services (DSWS), in the Department of Environmental Protection, notes that although the winter holiday season traditionally produces extra amounts of waste, there are many ways to reduce what individual households might generate now and throughout the year.

Unwanted Mail

Leading up to the holidays, many households receive larger-than-usual quantities of advertisements, sale flyers and catalogs. Before placing the unwanted ones into the recycling bin, residents should take a moment to remove their names from the company’s mailing list. Often, all that is needed to ensure removal is a call to a toll-free number.

Another way to help further reduce the volume of unwanted mail received any time of the year is to register on a “Do Not Mail” list with any of a number of organizations offering this type of service. DSWS is a community partner with one such service, Catalog Choice, which can be accessed at Another organization which provides a similar service is the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). To register, visit Or, download the form from that site, complete and mail it to: DMA Choice, Direct Marketing Association, PO Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Throughout the year, residents have opportunities to reduce the amount of waste they generate, reuse things, and recycle a wide variety of items in order to preserve valuable natural resources for the future. However, during the holiday season when purchasing and wrapping gifts, and entertaining can increase, DSWS offers the following tips:


• Take along reusable shopping bags from home instead of paying for and using new paper or plastic shopping bags. Reuse paper and plastic bags. If you have paper or plastic bags that you no longer need, recycle them: plastic bags can be recycled at most local grocery stores; paper bags can be recycled at home along with other mixed paper.

• Consolidate all purchases into one bag, rather than getting a new bag for each item. Ask for a bag only if necessary.

• When buying gifts to be mailed, select items that are easy to ship and don’t require excess packaging.

• Shop for gifts at antique stores or estate sales--one person’s cast away is another person’s treasure. Donate unwanted gifts, along with last year’s gifts that the children have outgrown or that you no longer need, to charitable organizations.

• Buy and give reusable bags as gift items; many unique types, sizes and designs are available, and will come in handy long after the holidays are over.


• Items to be shipped or mailed can be wrapped in reused brown paper bags from grocery or other stores.

• Some boxes are attractive enough that they don’t need wrapping. Simply add a bow or reusable ribbon.

• Reusable gift bags can save time when wrapping gifts and can be used again.

• For oversized gifts like sporting equipment, artwork, or bicycles just tie a ribbon and bow around them.

• Try wrapping just the box top of items, rather than the entire box.

• Sunday comics or outdated maps also make unique gift wraps.

• Use reusable cloth bags to wrap items; the recipient will also be able to reuse this bag all year long.

• Reuse wrapping paper --have scissors handy when opening gifts so paper doesn’t get damaged when tearing off tape.

• Make the wrap a part of the gift: put goodies in ceramic pottery, or enfold jewelry in a new scarf or pair of gloves.

• Reuse packing cartons and shipping materials such as packaging peanuts, shredded newspaper and bubble wrap. Donate excess packaging materials to local mailing centers.

• Think of giving gifts that don’t have to be wrapped at all: tickets to concerts, museums, and/or sporting events, gift certificates or gift cards, and house plants.


• Don’t throw out any leftovers. Put them in reusable containers for guests to take home.

• Holidaycooking can generate many types of containers that are acceptable for recycling in the County’s expanded recycling program. But before recycling them, consider if some of these containers could be reused for saving leftovers. If so, send packed containers home with guests and store remaining leftovers in the refrigerator or put them in the freezer.

• Rent dishes, glassware, table cloths and cloth napkins instead of using disposable items.

• Purchase food items in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging.

• Have children make creative decorations out of things around the house or yard, such as pinecones, leaves, branches, etc.

For questions about waste reduction or recycling or for more information, visit:, or call 311 or 240-777-0311.

Sign Up for Electronic Holiday Collection Schedule Reminders

With the holiday season approaching, Montgomery County residents who receive County-provided collection of refuse or recyclable materials are reminded that they can sign up to receive electronic reminders about holiday collection schedules. Residents can join the DSWS email notification list by visiting

Residents who have private contracts for trash collection, either individually or through their community/homeowners’ associations, should check with their collectors or associations about holiday schedules.

To determine if they have County-provided or private collection service, residents can use the online Collection Day Lookup Tool at; click on “Collection Services.” Or, call Montgomery County'sCustomer Service Centerat 311 (out-of-County: 240-777-0311, TTY: 301-251-4850).

Recycling Beyond the Holiday Season

MontgomeryCounty encourages residents of single-family homes, multi-family apartments and condominiums, and employees at businesses and organizations located in the county to recycle everything possible, year-round.

Residents should be able to recycle the following expanded list of materials through their recycling program, at home or at work:

Mixed Paper:

Corrugated cardboard boxes; newspaper and inserts; magazines and catalogs; white and

colored office/printing/copier paper; unwanted mail; envelopes, including those with windows; paperboard; shredded paper; telephone books; paperback and hardcover books that cannot be donated or reused; frozen food boxes; wax-coated produce boxes, milk/juice cartons; paper coffee and beverage cups; and juice and drink boxes.

Commingled Materials:

Aluminum cans and aluminum foil products; bi-metal (steel/tin) cans; empty

non-hazardous aerosol cans; glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles and caps; plastic containers, jars, tubs, lids, pails, buckets, flower pots; plastic durable/reusable containers and lids; #1 PET thermoform plastic packaging, including plastic clamshell containers, trays, deli containers, lids, domes and cups.

Scrap Metal Items:

Items that are predominantly (50 percent or more) made of metal, including household appliances; metal furniture; disassembled metal sheds; lawn mowers; and more. To schedule a scrap metal recycling collection, call 311 (out-of-County: 240-777-0311, TTY:301-251-4850), or schedule a collection at

Yard Trim:

Leaves; grass clippings; brush; and garden trimmings. Place these materials in paper lawn bags or in reusable containers, or bundle brush with twine. Also try composting –placing leaves into a compost bin or pile along with grass clippings, flowers, and plant trimmings; and better yet, try grasscycling – leaving grass clippings on the lawn after it is mowed.

Memebers Sought for Constitution Gardens Improvement Committee

Members Sought for Constitution Gardens Improvement Committee

The Mayor and City Council are seeking members to serve on the Constitution Gardens Ad Hoc Improvement Committee. The members will represent a cross section of stakeholders including, those who live in proximity to Constitution Gardens, those who donated funds or have memorials to friends and families within the park, and others who are interested in the future of this property located at 112 Brookes Avenue in Olde Towne, Gaithersburg.

Functions of the committee will include:

  • Reviewing existing conditions of the site.
  • Identifying commemorative plantings that may be restored or relocated if necessary.
  • Reviewing information gathered by staff through outreach to the original donor base.
  • Consulting with the Gaithersburg Police Department on safety and security issues related to park renovations.
  • Gathering public input on potential improvements or modifications to the site.
  • Compiling a list of prioritized options to increase the utility of the park and its environs for presentation to the Mayor and City Council in the spring of 2013.

Resumes and letters of interest should be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, December 21, 2012 to: Mayor and City Council, 31 South Summit Avenue, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877, or send via email to: For more information, contact Adam Newhart at 301-258-6370 x103 or e-mail

Reminder to Drive Safely During the Holiday Season

Gaithersburg Police Remind Citizens to Drive Safe during the Holiday Season

The Gaithersburg Police Department would like to remind citizens to drive safely during the Thanksgiving holiday. “Officers will be out in force over the holiday weekend focusing on speed enforcement, seatbelt compliance, aggressive and impaired drivers. Your safety is our number one priority,” said Chief of Police Mark P. Sroka.

To stay safe this Thanksgiving season, the Gaithersburg Police encourage drivers to plan ahead and be patient when traveling. Drivers should not text or make any handheld cell phone calls. If you find yourself to be impaired, call a friend or family member, or use public transportation, such as buses or cabs. If you see a driver you think may be impaired or is driving their vehicle in an unsafe manner, keep a safe distance and call the non-emergency number at301-279-8000. Be descriptive of the vehicle and, if possible, provide a tag number.

Telemundo Washington DC Presents "La Feria de la Familia"

WZDC Telemundo Washington presents the 10th annual La Feria de la Familia (Family Fair) on Sunday, November 18th from 12pm to 6pm. This year's event will be held at the DC Armory for another day of family fun, filled with information, children's activities, resources, games, television personalities and entertainment.

Penélope Menchaca, of Telemundo's dating show 12 Corazones, will return as the mistress of ceremonies. Fellow star Adriana Fonseca from the popular novela Corazón Valiente will join her, along with the young heartthrob Gabriel Coronel from Relaciones Peligrosas.

Toby Love, popular bachata artist will close the event as the musical headliner. The performances also include local groups such as Quimbao, Sector L and A-Banda providing a wide variety of genres from rock to reggaeton. McDonald's and Telemundo Washington will also present the final round of the local singing competition Solo Tu Voz. The top three finalists will perform on stage and the winner will be determined by a panel of judges.

La Feria de la Familia provides attendees with the opportunity to record their own weather report in Telemundo Washington's mini news studio, participate in interactive activities at the demonstration area, receive health screenings as well as obtain a wealth of information and services from exhibitors. Everyone that registers will also have a chance to win a brand new Toyota!

La Feria de la Familia is designed to provide information, services and entertainment in a festive, family atmosphere, free to the public. Over the years, La Feria has established itself as a dynamic and powerful forum. Connecting businesses to the Hispanic community, showcasing products and strengthening brands, La Feria is an interactive expo of exceptional quality, guaranteed to inform, empower and entertain.

Event: La Feria de la Familia

Date: Sunday, November 18, 12pm - 6pm

Location: DC Armory 2001 East Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

Stadium-Armory Station on Metrorail's Blue/Orange Lines

Sponsors for this year's La Feria de la Familia include: American Cancer Society, Bank of America, BB & T, Cricket Communications, DC Chartered Health Plan, DC Lottery, El Tiempo Latino, Erie Insurance, Goya, Hair Cuttery, Kaiser Permanente, Lowe's, Mr. Car, Montero Law Firm, Romántica 900 AM, State Farm, TD Bank, Verizon Wireless, Washington Area Toyota Dealers, W. Thomas Yi & Associates, Wells Fargo and WMATA.

For additional information about Telemundo Washington's La Feria de la Familia, please call 703-820-8333, ext 129 and visit

Montgomery County Board Vacancies

                                            MontgomeryCounty Board Vacancies

County Executive Isiah Leggett is committed to representation on all of the County’s boards, committees, and commissions that is reflective of, and responsive to, our County’s residents. Public participation contributes to the work of County government and provides an important service to the community when a variety of issues, concerns, and viewpoints are presented. Currently, there is a valuable opportunity to serve on the following:

  • East CountyCitizens Advisory Board
  • Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee
  • White Flint Sector Plan Advisory Committee

The deadline for application is November December 7, 2012.

Please share this notice with anyone who may be interested. You may access vacancy announcements for boards, committees, and commissions through the following link.

Applicants of diverse backgrounds, professions, gender, geography, disability and ethnicity are encouraged to apply. An application, consisting of a brief cover letter and resume, should be sent by mail to County Executive Isiah Leggett, 101 Monroe Street, 2nd Floor, Rockville, MD 20850, or by email to Home and employment addresses, as well as contact phone numbers and email addresses should be included. If appropriate, applicants should indicate the position for which they are applying.

Members of County boards, committees and commissions may not serve on more than one such group at a time. Members of these boards are eligible for reimbursement for travel and dependent care for meetings attended. Leggett’s appointments are subject to confirmation by the County Council. Applications of individuals selected for appointment are made public as part of the confirmation process.

Annual Winter Lights Festival Benefits Local Charities

Annual Winter Lights Festival Benefits Local Charities

The City of Gaithersburg Winter Lights Festival welcomes visitors to Seneca CreekState Park for its 17th season. The Park is located at 11950 Clopper Road, just a few miles west of the intersection with I-270. The festival runs nightly from November 30 through December 31. It is closed on December 25.

In the spirit of the holidays, a portion of the admission proceeds from the 2012 festival will benefit eight local charities. Mercy Health Clinic, a non-sectarian, not-for-profit, community health care provider, offers free, high quality medical care, educational support and pharmaceuticals to uninsured, low-income adult residents of MontgomeryCounty. The People-4-People Employment Assistance Program administered through Immanuel’s Church is a collaborative outreach program that provides free employment assistance, educational training, and technical, consultant, spiritual, and emotional support to job seekers.

NAMI Montgomery County, the Montgomery County affiliate of National Alliance on Mental Illness, is a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by mental illnesses. Rebuilding Together Montgomery County is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to helping elderly and/or disabled low-income homeowners and families with children through home renovation and repair.

Hospice Caring, Inc. provides caring, compassionate, practical and high-quality, non-medical support services, without charge, to every Montgomery County resident who is facing a life-threatening illness or is grieving the death of a family member or loved one. Women Who Care Ministries is a faith-inspired, community outreach nonprofit organization that offers safety net services to those who are low-income and need assistance with overcoming hunger, domestic violence, homelessness, and substance abuse.

TLC -The Treatment and Learning Centers is a private, nonprofit organization that annually serves more than 2,200 children and adults with a wide range of special needs by offering a host of serviceswithin a single organization. Friends of Seneca Creek State Park, a nonprofit, volunteer “Friends” organization, is dedicated to the enhancement of the SenecaCreek State Park experience for visitors by providing financial support and other resources to the park.

Winter Lights is open Sunday through Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 6 to 10 p.m. The Festival is closed on December 25. Cash-only admission is $12 per car Monday through Thursday and $15 per car Friday through Sunday.

Winter Lights is sponsored in part by 97.1 WASH FM, Comcast, the Gazette Newspapers, Adventist HealthCare, Hughes Network Systems, Montgomery Magazine, Washington Parent, Battley Harley-Davidson, Language Stars, Spidersmart Learning Centers, Falun Dafa Assn. of DC presents Shen Yun, Whole Foods Market– Kentlands, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Damascus Library to be Closed Temporarily in Early December for Re-carpeting

Damascus Library to be Closed Temporarily in Early December for Re-carpeting

The Damascus Library will be closed from Monday, December 3 through Tuesday, December 11 for installation of new carpeting throughout the facility.

Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) has announced that the normal three-week due dates for materials checked out the weeks of November 12 and 19 have been extended, so no materials will be due during the closing..

The book drop will remain open for book returns while the building is closed. However, Damascus customers are encouraged to use other MCPL branches for checking out books and other materials, returning materials, and using the catalog and internet computers. Electronic access to the MCPL website will not be affected by the temporary closure.

Customers are asked to check the MCPL website -- on December 11 for the opening time on the 12th.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Career Firefighters Smoke it Up for Muscular Dystrophy

Career Firefighters Smoke it Up for Muscular Dystrophy

 On October 12 – 13, 2012, the Montgomery County, Md. Career Officers and Montgomery County Local 1664 are teaming up to raise money for MDA through the 2nd Annual High Point BBQ Battle. 23 teams will be competing and have been sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ Society and the Governor O’Malley as a sanctioned championship event. The event will be held at High Point farm in Clarksburg, Md. The farm is located at 23730 Frederick Road, Clarksburg, MD.

This competition is similar to those seen on the popular TV series, BBQ Grillmasters. Friday evening at 7 p.m., there will be a free concert for the public featuring Mark and Da Sharks, a Jimmy Buffett cover band. Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., there will be free moon bounces and games for kids, plenty of food, and watching the teams prepare their entries for judging beginning at noon. Teams will be competing for over $2300 in prize money.

There is no charge to the public to enter.

Car Sharing Now Available in Montgomery County Urban Centers

Car Sharing Now Available in Montgomery County Urban Centers

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) today announced a significant expansion of commercial car sharing services in the County at no cost to the County. Car sharing provides County residents, visitors and businesses with increased access to convenient transportation options that reduce parking demand and traffic congestion in the County’s urban centers.

“We are pleased to welcome the expansion of car sharing in Montgomery Countywith Hertz on Demand and Zipcar,” said MCDOT Director Art Holmes. “Car sharing protects the environment while enhancing our smart growth and sustainable transportation initiatives – and does so in a cost-effective way.”

To increase car sharing, MCDOT has provided public parking spaces for car sharing vehicles. The companies are paying established parking rates for use of the County parking spaces.

Two car sharing companies, Zipcar and Hertz on Demand, were selected following a competitive bid process that allowed vendors to choose locations that best fit their service areas and the types of vehicles they offer. Twenty-six vehicles have been made available at 13 locations in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Wheaton, Montgomery Hills and North Bethesda.

The new car share locations are prominently marked by signs and are listed below:

          Metropolitan Garage, 7601 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda
  • Bethesda Avenue between Woodmont Avenue and Arlington Road, Bethesda
  • Cordell Avenue between Woodmont Avenue and Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda
  • Ellsworh Drive between Fenton Street and Veterans Place, Silver Spring
  • Fenton Street between Colesville Road and Cameron Street, Silver Spring
  • Cameron Street between Georgia Avenue and Fenton Street, Silver Spring
  • Wheaton Market PlaceLot, 11219 Grandview Avenue, Wheaton
  • Parking Lot, Seminary Road and Sutton Place, 1920 Seminary Road, Montgomery Hills
  • Executive Boulevard between Rockville Pike and Woodglen Drive, North Bethesda

Hertz On Demand

  • Metropolitan Garage, 7601 Woodmont Avenue Bethesda
  • Middleton Lane Parking Lot, 4538 Middleton Lane, Bethesda
  • Bonifant/Dixon Garage, Silver Spring
  • Fenton Street between Wayne Avenue and Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring

Car sharing provides commuters or other travelers who primarily rely on transit, car/vanpooling, biking or walking access to a car when needed and can also save them money. The availability of car sharing may help some residents go“car free” or provide a second car for multi-driver households that only need occasional access to a second vehicle.

More information on using car share vehicles is available at and For more information on the County’s programs promoting alternatives to driving alone –including car sharing – visit call Commuter Services at (240) 777-8380.