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Monday, April 16, 2012

Down County Network Meeting

Down County Network Meeting April 18th 3:30pm-5:00PM

What: Down County Network Meeting
When: Wednesday, April 18th 3:30-5:00pm
Wheaton Library 1stfloor large conference room 11701 Georgia Ave., Wheaton, MD 20902
Agenda: Planning Director Rollin Stanley and his staff on Montgomery County’s Zoning Re-write and what it means to you.

Networking, your updates, and sharing of resources
County updates including Secure Communities, Wheaton Redevelopment, and upcoming events.

Zoning Rewrite Project
Planners are rewriting the Zoning Code to modernize antiquated, redundant zoning regulations and create new tools to help achieve goals in community plans. Planner shave released several draft sections of the proposed Zoning Code, covering what’s permitted in each zone, how you can build, and the process by which development is reviewed and approved.
In addition, planners have analyzed how to reduce or consolidate 123 existing zones into 30 proposed zones, working to ensure consistency with existing height and density rules as well as recommendations in each community master plan. Throughout the revised sections, planners have strived to make the code easier to use by adding diagrams and clearer text.
What does all this mean for residents? Learn more from Planning Director Rollin Stanley and his staff.

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