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Thursday, April 28, 2011

M.C. Citizenship Preparation Program Encourages Students to Think Beyond the Interview

An aspect that was written into the grant was the need for students in the program to think beyond the naturalization interview and look at what it truly means to become a citizen of the United States. As a result, Enhanced Integration Tasks (EIT) were created. The E.I.Ts are a series of tasks that the student completes in their own time, with friends, family members or alone. A couple of examples of an E.I.T. include becoming a volunteer in the local community, attending a Town Hall meeting, and visiting a museum.
The student reaction to the E.I.T. requirement has been extremely positive. The program has seen students volunteer in area soup kitchens, volunteer in a stream cleanup, attend P.T.A. meetings, and visit many of the museums in the Washington metro area, including the American History museum, the Native American museum and the Holocaust museum.
Inclusion of the Enhanced Integration Tasks into the Citizenship Preparation Program has made the students look at their future role as a new citizen in a different light. Feedback has shown that whilst becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States is a truly remarkable feat and a lifelong dream of many of the students in the program, requiring them to look at the future and how they will give back is of even greater significance. The Citizenship Preparation Program is happy to open the door for the future citizens of the United States and encourages them to step through and open a door for someone else.
For more information on the Citizenship Preparation Program or Enhanced Integration Tasks, please contact Citizenship Program Director Nancy Newton at or 240-567-8169
 In early 2010, the Adult ESOL & Literacy-GED program (AELG) of W.D.C.E. was awarded a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to provide Citizenship Education to Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) of Montgomery County.

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