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Friday, October 28, 2011

Faces from WOMF2011: Artist Nabil Makar "Building the Bridges and Love the Others"

Profile by
Enas Elhanafi, CEA Chair

Artist, Nabil Makar in his own words: "I was very happy to participate in the World of Montgomery Festival and to see people from across the globe, from Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe. They came together to celebrate the rich culture of our Counties.
My friends and I were making sketches of the people and they were all smiling and happy to be there. For myself, since I moved to Montgomery County, I volunteer my time for seniors and other causes. I am very busy in my own activities of writing and drawing. I am proud of my achievements since I arrived to this land from Egypt.
One of the things I did was that I was the first voice call for Wheaton to become an Arts and Entertainment District. I always say, “actions speaks louder than words.”

Nabil Makar Profile

Nabil Makar, an Egyptian artist who has lived in the US for nearly 40 years, has long been a proponent of cross-cultural dialogue. "Everybody must do his part in the world. Artists cannot carry guns or be doctors, but they can express themselves with their brushes and pencils. There must be mutual understanding.

"Although he grew up in Egypt, Makar has spent most of his life in the US and only recently started to return to his home country every year.
Makar’s whole career has centered on the idea of Egyptian-American cultural exchange.

 Nabil Makar is Art instructor, writer and critic. He uses art as a tool for demonstrating
spiritual and cultural achievement of modern world

He publicized world-wide including Egypt, Lebanon,  Cyprus, Greece, Spain, and the United States.

For more information about his work and, please visit the link below:  

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