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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Greetings from Montgomery College!

Montgomery College Partnerships for Interfaith and Community Service Initiative collaborates with efforts to promote College-wide Community Service Week Activities (October 16-22, 2011)

A Message by Dr. Clemmie Solomon 
Dean of Students, Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus

Montgomery College is actively participating in Montgomery County’s Community Service Week. Community Service Week is being held in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Community Service Day, an annual day of service throughout Montgomery County. The goal of Community Service Week is to increase the culture of serving and giving in the county and to engage new people in service and recognize those who are already serving while meeting needs in our community.

Montgomery College’s Partnership for Interfaith and Community Service Initiative is promoting the week of service as well. The Partnership for Interfaith and Community Service Initiative is a college-wide initiative designed to bring religious and non religious groups together to collectively promote community service and address community needs.  

The week kick off was at the World of Montgomery Festival in Wheaton (Sunday, October 16) and conclude with a large celebration of service in Downtown Silver Spring (October 22). During the week (October 16-22) there will be service projects and volunteer fairs to engage volunteers throughout Montgomery County. Over sixty (60) Montgomery College students volunteered to assist with the weeks activities.

Montgomery College is sponsoring a number of activities in conjunction with the County-wide Community Service Week. The college- wide activities are listed below. For more information on how to get involved with the County-wide activities please go to

For more information about campus based activities please contact the individuals:
Germantown Campus    Debi Higbie-Holmes  240-567-7841

  • 10/17/11 -11:00-1:00 – Women’s Issues
o   Women’s Studies club is planning multiple activities
  • 10/18/11 - 1:00- 2:00  - Hunger Concerns
o   Smart Sacks packing with Hunger quiz
  • 10/19/11 - 11:00-1:00 – Diversity and Tolerance
  •   10/20/11 -11:00-1:00 – Homelessness Awareness
o   UMAN mini walk
  • Student Senate will build a tent city and provide information about homelessness in Montgomery County
  • Homeless Resource Day -10/19/11
  • Bohrer Park Activities Center in Gaithersburg – students will volunteer
o   10/21/11 - 11:00-1:00 – Environmental Concerns
  •  Student clubs in the planning process

Rockville Campus  James Stascavage  240-567-5092
  •  Sunday Oct. 16- World of Montgomery festival – Downtown Wheaton (Students will be volunteering 3 hours of their time to serve Montgomery County Residents; students will register in advance.)
  •  Monday Oct 17- Food Drives Begin (Drives include: Can Food and Sundries)
  •    Tuesday Oct. 18- Guest Speaker from Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless
  • Wednesday Oct. 19- Manna Food: Smart Sacks
  •  Thursday Oct. 20- Volunteer Fair (Organizations from throughout the county will come to Montgomery College - Rockville to recruit MC student and provide them with volunteer opportunities and information.)
  •   Friday Oct. 21- (Pep Rally) Hoops for the Homeless program connected with planned pep rally.
  •    Saturday Oct. 22- Community Service Day- Downtown Silver Spring (Students will be volunteering 3 hours of their time to serve Montgomery County Residents; students will register in advance.)

Takoma Park/ Silver Spring Campus   Lucy Vitaliti – 240-567-1527
  •   Sunday, Oct 16 World of Montgomery, Wheaton Triangle, Recruiting MC students for shifts - We already have 20+ students signed up.
  •   Monday, Oct 17 Personal Care Items for A Wider Circle (focus on topic of homelessness, to getting out of poverty)
  •  Tuesday, Oct 18 Canned Food Drive for Shepherd's Table (focus on hunger)
  •  Wednesday, Oct 19, Bagging Smart Sacks in Atrium (poverty and hunger
  •  Thursday, Oct 20, Expired Coupons for Soldiers for our military troops and their families
  • Friday, Oct 21, Cold Weather Outer wears Collection for the Refugee Center
  •  Saturday, Oct 22, Day of Service, Silver Spring Civic Bldg., City Place (service projects, celebrating service. We have 20+ students who have volunteered for this.)

Note - A few organizations related to these themes may also be in the Atrium ST building – TP/SS recruiting volunteers throughout the week. The collection drives are planned to run 2 to 4 weeks, the exception being Coupons for Soldiers which runs for the academic year (a Student Senate initiative).  The issues of focus directly relate to and will be identified as part of the Interfaith Initiative.    

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